Safety and wellbeing
Our safety and wellbeing motto is "one team, all safe".

RoSPA 2022
RoSPA President's (13 Consecutive Golds) Award
Safety and wellbeing

Our aim goes beyond avoiding harm, to enhancing the overall wellbeing of our people. We do this by promoting campaigns around both physical and mental wellbeing, providing great safety leadership, and engaging employees in developing solutions to the safety challenges we face. As part of this we worked with our employees to develop our ‘Key Safety Principles’, which are critical to achieving our zero-harm goal.

Safety and wellbeing

Our effective safety performance depends on instilling positive safety attitudes for all of our staff and contractors. Fundamental to this has been encouraging efficient, blameless and open communication, which ensures lessons are shared and learned from promptly.

Safety and wellbeing

Great health is synonymous with great business performance. We run regular initiatives encouraging positive mental and physical health choices for our employees. This is supported by a culture that is empathetic, collaborative, and values open communication. Recognition is given for outstanding safety and wellbeing leadership at any level in the business – we want to celebrate and reward good choices.
We also operate a flexible working policy, helping our people manage commitments at home as well as at work.