water management

Mine Site Water Management Plan and Engineering Design


Ontario, Canada

SLR was retained to advance the permitting application for construction and operation of a new mine, whose original site water management concept required updating based on more current and evolved site knowledge. SLR evaluated the conceptual water management plan from the environmental approval application, refined the scope of water management works, developed a construction and sequencing plan for these works, and prepared design drawings issued for tender.

The water management plan involved collection of all contact water using ditches and ponds to direct and detain water. Collected water is used to provide a portion of the mill make-up water whereas surplus water is treated and discharged to the environment.

SLR’s scope of work included site-wide water balance modelling, pond sizing for six water management ponds, design of collection ditches and emergency spillways, and design of water retaining berms. The layout of these components was optimized to make better use of the natural topography, simplify construction, and to provide larger separation between natural and controlled water bodies. By maximizing the use of assets installed early during mine development, SLR was able to simplify and defer the construction of water management structures and limit ground disturbance to certain surface runoff sub-catchments.

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