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Providing Insight on PSM Benchmarking



Process Safety Management (and specifically asset integrity management) is one of the HSE’s foremost ‘hop topics’ for high hazard sites but, in general, industry’s approach to it has been very disjointed.

In order to address this, SLR acquisition, HFL Consulting, together with the Chemical Industries Association (CIA), embarked on the first ever PSM benchmarking programme for the UK chemical industry involving 12 COMAH sites and key industry stakeholders.

The aim of the programme, which was carried out with the knowledge and support of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), was to share experience between companies, find commonality and help sites to strike a practical balance between aspirations, standards and reality.

Since PSM covers such a complex set of issues, this initial benchmarking exercise focused on Asset Integrity Management - a critical risk control system in the prevention of major accidents. Further key services provided included Policy Development and bespoke one-day intensive training workshops centred on asset integrity management.

The programme revealed some encouraging results in relation to the technical aspects of asset integrity management, but it also highlighted some leadership and management issues including the need for companies to set out their own programmes of testing and inspection.

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