International businesses are increasingly demanding disclosure of carbon emissions and energy use as a condition of investment or contracting. In addition, legislation in some countries requires reporting of carbon emissions and energy use.

Some organisations have existing carbon emissions and energy use management processes that can be adapted to match new demands. Others are facing carbon and energy management and disclosure for the first time. SLR’s experts are equipped to support both.

How can we help?

Our team has experience working with organisations of all sizes to support compliance with carbon and energy legislative requirements, as well as the requirements of established voluntary carbon and energy disclosure schemes such as; CCAs, CRC, ESOS, SEAI Energy Audit Scheme, SECR, EUETS, DJSI, GRI and CDP.

We utilise our expertise to harmonise a company’s specific mandatory and voluntary reporting requirements, and apply it to their available data set to support compliance with legislative requirements, optimise voluntary program participation, and enhance understanding of the benefits of energy consumption and carbon emissions management.

SLR will work with your organisation to identify the energy use and carbon emission parameters to be disclosed, and confirm which areas of the business are within scope of the disclosure effort. We will work with you to collate and compile the required data and use this to produce an energy and carbon emissions statement which will meet the reporting requirements as identified in applicable legislation, as well as any voluntary programmes in which the company has elected to participate.

In addition to meeting the disclosure demands of stakeholders, SLR can also utilise energy use and carbon emissions data to identity carbon emissions and energy reduction activities that can be prioritised and implemented to provide both cost savings and environmental impact reductions. We will help you identify potential reduction and effective strategy to reduce energy consumption and Scope 1/2/3 carbon emissions.

Our team includes

  • Nicola Herschell Senior Carbon Consultant
    Nicola Herschell

    Nicola has detailed knowledge of Climate Change Agreements (CCAs), EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Streamlined Energy and Carbon (SECR) reporting. She has supported numerous and varied companies through the management of their CCAs and provides ongoing support to a number of large multi-site organisations to manage their wider group level carbon compliance. She has experience using Excel to design and build bespoke, multi-output data analysis and carbon reporting tools.

  • David Mercer Principal Energy Engineer
    David Mercer

    David Mercer has almost thirty years of experience in Energy and Carbon Consulting in the Industrial, Commercial and Civil Sectors. He has a technical background in Energy Engineering and is a qualified Fuel & Energy Engineer. David's work has ranged from detailed, technical investigations to high-level strategic development in Energy Management. He has particular experience in GHG management and energy efficiency strategies within the food & beverage, mining, chemicals, petrochemicals and textiles industries. Between 2003 - 2005 David was instrumental in drafting the first Energy Efficiency Strategy for the Republic of South Africa, on behalf of the Department of Energy. David has professional experience in many countries and regions including Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and Western, Central & Southern Africa.

  • Bob Robinson Principal
    Bob Robinson

    Bob is a highly experienced consultant, with 19 years consultancy experience and 16 years industrial background. He is a Chartered Engineer, European Engineer, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant for Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001), an ESOS Lead Assessor (UK), a SEAI Registered Energy Auditor (Ireland) and a Certified Energy Manager (USA). His experience covers industrial, built environment, commercial and retail sectors. Bob integrates carbon, energy, water and waste management into holistic deliverables to achieve added value and practical outputs.

  • Julie Gartside Advisory Services Leader - Europe
    Julie Gartside

    Julie is a mechanical engineer who works with national government, private and public sector organisations from a number of sectors, to understand the impacts of carbon and energy legislation and reporting schemes on their business. Julie helps organisations to integrate their response to legislation into normal business operations so that compliance can be easily achieved and well as developing strategies to reduce energy use and carbon emissions, and hence costs.