Ecological services at SLR are provided by experienced staff who provide practical solutions that meet the needs of both, our clients and the environment.

Ecology studies help us understand interactions between plants, animals and the world around us. These studies are vital when the natural environment is changing. Our team helps to find resolutions that ensure our ecosystems remain balanced.

SLR has a proven track record of successfully working with our clients across multiple sectors and geographies to deliver sound ecological guidance and cost-effective solutions in adherence to applicable governing regulatory systems and international good practice.

SLR staff have experience completing aquatic, terrestrial and wildlife surveys for a wide range of species and habitats across the globe. Our team maintains close links with a wide network of external biodiversity experts to provide additional specialist support where required.

How can we help?

Ecological services are a key technical discipline for SLR. The following highlights the Ecological services provided by SLR:

  • Arborist Services and Forestry Assessments;
  • Vegetation Assessment and Land Classifications;
  • Marine and Freshwater Fish and Aquatic Habitat Assessments;
  • Development and Implementation of Biodiversity Management Plans and Ecological Monitoring Plans;
  • Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Assessments;
  • Wetland Delineation and Permitting;
  • Biodiversity Strategies;
  • Ecosystem Services Assessments;
  • Species at Risk Inventory, Management and Permitting;
  • Critical Habitat Assessments to Lender Standards;
  • Environmental Offsets (design, planning, delivery, monitoring and management);
  • Ecological Rehabilitation, Restoration and reclamation;
  • Mitigation and Compensation Planning;
  • Peer Review and Expert Witness Services.

Our Approach 

Our team has experience providing ecological services for infrastructure & transportation planning, land developers, mining groups, government agencies, oil and gas companies, renewable energy, and industrial clients.

Ecologists naturally adopt a multidisciplinary approach to provide integrated and practical solutions. SLR’s Ecology team often work across linked disciplines with experts in Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Water Quality, Air Quality, Marine Noise, Risk Assessment, GIS and remote sensing, and Engineers to provide clients with a full-service experience. As a result, they deliver practical solutions that stand alone or complement other project technical elements.

SLR’s Ecology team comprises a diverse array of specialist skillsets to managing the nuances of the ecological matters across different environments around the globe.

Our team includes

  • Matthew Sanford Manager of Ecology & Natural Resources Planning
    Matthew Sanford

    Matt has over 20 years of experience in environmental assessment and regulatory permitting at the local, state, and federal levels, representing private development, public utilities, industry, municipalities, and state government. As a Principal Scientist, Professional Wetland Scientist, and Certified Soil Scientist, Matt leads a team of permitting specialist, providing an array of expertise in ecology, natural resources, vegetation management, wetland assessment, and water quality management.

  • Rick Black Principal Scientist, Ecology Lead - Intermountain Region
    Rick Black

    Dr. Rick Black has over 30 years of ecological research and consulting experience, as well as a diverse background in biology, ecology, federal regulations, policy, project and team management and technical fields. Rick has carved himself a niche in this industry as a seller-doer for a diverse client base and has built several service groups to serve those clients. He has found that locating clients with need of support in achieving their own goals is highly satisfying. Over the past 25-30 years Rick has served clients across the Intermountain West, in a myriad of markets: Energy Development, Power and Transmission, Oil and Gas, Mining, Transportation, BLM, Department of Defence, Municipalities, Water Districts, Natural Gas development and Pipeline companies, Chemical and Manufacturing Industries, and various other public and private industries.

  • Megan Raymond Principal Environmental Scientist
    Megan Raymond

    As a Lead Environmental Scientist, Megan has a strong multidisciplinary background with respect to both inland and coastal environments. She specializes in natural resources with specific expertise in wetland delineation, assessment, and functions; vegetation management, invasive species control, biological inventories, water quality monitoring, watershed planning, vernal pool surveys, inland wetland and tidal wetland mitigation, and peer review services. She most values the variety of her work, in which her day to day includes everything from field work and client interaction to report writing and presentations. 

  • Dr Jeff Peterson Principal Scientist
    Dr Jeff Peterson

    Jeff Peterson has over 27 years of experience managing projects that assess risks hazardous substances may pose to human health and the environment. He also provides clients and project managers with strategic and regulatory guidance. His areas of specialty include ecology, toxicology, and statistics. Jeff has performed over one hundred risk assessments for numerous facilities, including oilfields, landfills, airports, and a diverse array of industrial sites. On behalf of private companies and municipalities, he has negotiated favorable outcomes with a variety of state and federal regulatory agencies.