Sustainable water management is fundamental for all mining projects, and while legislation, best practice and conditions vary, the core principles remain. And with climate change, the stakes are only getting higher and permitting harder to achieve.


How can SLR help?

Our water experts understand mining is a competing beneficiary, whose life-cycle of water usage needs to be assessed, modelled, managed and permitted using the best practices available. SLR recognizes water must be managed in a way that optimizes operations, but ensures it is used sparingly and responsibly, and whether from quantity or quality, it neither causes harm or leaves legacy issues and liabilities.


Our services include:

  • Baseline assessments and investigations, including impacts
  • Water supply, dewatering or remediation, surface and groundwater
  • Water balances, modelling and integrated water management
  • Environmental geochemistry and water treatment
  • Permitting, Compliance and Monitoring Services
  • Water infrastructure, flood defence, diversions, dewatering, wetlands, remediation, pumping and pipelines
Sustainable Water Management

Our team includes

  • Jeremy Collyard Mining & Minerals Sector Leader - US
    Jeremy Collyard

    Jeremy is the US Mining and Minerals Business Sector Lead, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and a MMSA Qualified Professional. He brings an extensive background in mining including project management and client development for mining sites throughout the United Sates. His background includes mine remedial investigations and feasibility studies (RI/FS), environmental permitting, monitoring, and compliance programmes, Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), environmental baseline studies, and the evaluation and development of water management planning, and mine closure strategy, planning, and implementation. His background includes 15 years of experience in mining, industrial, and multi-disciplinary environmental projects.

  • Tom Patterson Managing Principal
    Tom Patterson

    Tom has over 25 years of experience as an environmental chemist.  He has been involved with remedial investigation, design, and construction; risk assessment; geochemistry; and environmental fate and transport analyses for hazardous waste and mining sites. He brings significant experience with strategic planning and permitting to facilitate mine closure. Areas of technical expertise include project management, ground water fate and transport, mine waste management, geochemistry, evaluation of baseline water chemistry and impacts, performing multi-pathway risk assessments for federal and state Superfund sites, air quality, support for environmental decision-making using the risk-based approach, and data analysis to support risk assessments and impact evaluations.

  • Mohammad Bazargani Manging Principal
    Mohammad Bazargani

    Mohammad is a chemical engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the environmental field. He has extensive experience with environmental compliance, process engineering and design, development of lifecycle costs, and assessment of liability and financial risk analysis associated with site characterization and remediation projects. Mohammad has worked with a number of landfills, serving as the project manager for a number of landfills in the California area.

  • Mark Trevor Principal Geologist
    Mark Trevor

    Mark is a Professional Geologist in California, USA, with over 18 years of experience in the environmental field, ranging from watershed assessment for the timber industry, to remedial oversight and project management on contaminated soil and groundwater sites for industrial, commercial and residential clients.

    He has conducted technical environmental and hydrogeologic investigations including seep detection and management, drilling and test-pitting for Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) reporting, and remediation oversight and documentation. Mark has also assumed project management responsibilities for various PCE, VOC and petroleum hydrocarbon release sites in Northern California; conducted hydrogeologic investigations for landfill and mining clients; overseen naturally-occurring asbestos (NOA) remediation for a school sites and overseen field operations for several large soil and groundwater remediation projects.

    Among his current projects, Mark manages hydrogeologic operations for a Class I hazardous waste leachate extraction well field and provides evaluations for the short and long term maintenance of the site.