Louise Beale

ESA social value video case study: Menopause Champions discussion with SLR’s Louise Beale

Louise Beale Technical Director
Louise Beale

Louise manages and directs Phase 1 and 2 land quality assessments for public and private sector clients. She has extensive experience in advising land owners, developers, planning consultants and regulators on contamination related to securing planning permission and environmental due diligence for property transactions. Louise prepares Materials Management Plans and Qualified Person declarations under the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste Code of Practice. She is a chartered geologist, Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) and Suitably Qualified Person under the National Quality Mark Scheme.

We’re proud to share this beautiful and important video showcasing SLR’s Louise Beale and created by the Environment Services Association (ESA).

In 2023, the ESA published a Social Value Charter which provides a framework for organisations across the recycling and waste management sector to identify opportunities to create social value. As part of this, they are sharing five social value case studies featuring their members, including SLR as an Associate Member.

SLR is embarking on a number of initiatives to deliver and measure its social value contribution and one such initiative is the menopause support it offers to its employees.

In this video Louise highlights the struggles of menopause which has over 30 potential symptoms, including anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and loss of confidence, and can often lead women to consider leaving their jobs.

As Louise discuses, in 2022, SLR launched a new menopause policy for SLR in Europe, to recognise and support its employees’ experience at work. This was introduced alongside guidance for both employees and line managers, with menopause awareness training offered to everyone in the region.

In addition, SLR has trained 28 Menopause Champions: a mix of male and female employees, from across different teams and business units. We provide access to a Menopause Helpline, 365 days per year, as well as access to a Menopause Plan, offering private treatment, early menopause support and, if needed, a quick diagnosis.

This information sits as part of a dedicated mental health and wellbeing area on our intranet, with resources and signposting to further information and support included.

Thank you, Louise, for sharing your story with us.

You can learn more about the ESA’s Social Value Charter on their website.

And you can watch the full video below:

ESA social value video case study: Menopause Champions

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