Our civil and structural team is committed to providing sustainable, creative & efficient engineering solutions for our communities.

How can we help?

Our civil and structural engineers work with each client to realise their vision, providing a full range of professional services from concept development through construction. We understand that each project and client are unique, and work closely with our clients to design projects that meet their goals, while balancing site constraints, the environment, and costs.

All our site design work is completed by a collaborative team of engineers, landscape architects, and environmental scientists, including LEED and low impact development specialists. We strive to maintain the most up-to-date knowledge of advanced site design processes and to minimise our environmental impact in all our work.

We understand that civic development requires a balance of meeting the needs of community leaders and the public, while also being mindful of funding constraints. Additionally, we provide a full range of structural consultation for our clients, including architects, developers, contractors, private clients, local authorities, and government entities. Our team is focused on creating people-oriented designs for the development of the places that truly connect and nurture communities, developing strong ties to the residents they serve.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Subdivision design
  • Stormwater management
  • Water & wastewater design
  • LEED & low impact design (LID)
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring
  • Site planning & design
  • Roadways & parking
  • Hydrologic & hydraulic studies
  • Septic system design
  • Erosion & sedimentation controls
  • Construction documents
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Pavement assessments
  • FEMA certifications
  • Peer review services
  • Construction engineering & inspection bridges & culverts
  • NBIS & special structure inspection
  • Marine structures
  • Dams & fishways
  • Foundation design
  • Pedestrian bridges & boardwalks
  • Specialised industrial structures
  • Shoreline stabilisation
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • Retaining walls
  • Athletic facilities & bleachers
  • Structural analysis

Our team includes

  • Thomas Daly Manager of Civil and Structural Engineering
    Thomas Daly

    Tom leads the civil/structural group and specialises in working with project architects on the planning, design, and construction of projects including educational and private clients. His project experience also involves the development of LEED certified buildings and green design approaches to site development. In addition, he assists architects and developers in guiding projects through the local and state land use approval process.

  • Darin Overton Principal Civil Engineer
    Darin Overton

    Darin is a Principal Civil Engineer with specialising in site development, land use permitting, and stormwater management covering a wide range of residential and commercial applications for both private and municipal clients. His work is focused on environmentally sensitive designs that are attractive, efficient, and respective of the natural environment of a property and its surroundings. Redevelopment of brownfield sites often present the most challenges. What keeps our work interesting is collaboration with others to overcome site constraints, whether shaping a new development to an undeveloped site, or redevelopment of an underutilised property.

  • Kishor Patel Manager of Structural Engineering
    Kishor Patel

    Kishor manages the Structural Engineering team and oversees SLR's structural projects and the design of bridges, retaining walls, special structures, fish ladders, and dams. His responsibilities include managing a team of structural engineers and projects, attention to the safety of staff in the field, and commitment to quality assurance with every deliverable. Kishor has also received FHWA training for the safety inspection of in-service bridges.

  • David Ritchie Managing Principal, Mine Waste Engineering Manager
    David Ritchie

    David has over 23 years of experience with tailings, mine waste, and water management facility design for global mining clients and direct experience with embankment dam design, instrumentation and performance monitoring, and safety stewardship within Canada and the CDA guidelines. In addition to a focus on tailings facility design, David has direct experience with site selection studies, dam design and construction, operations and closure.