We have a successful record of working with planners, engineers, developers and regulators to promote sites in sensitive hydrological settings or in areas prone to drought or flood risk.

Our specialists in hydrology, water resources, water treatment, landscape architecture, ecology, climate science, sustainability, and environmental assessment provide a pool of resources that add to a holistic approach to sustainable water management. They work with our clients to identify key development and operational risks, and design and implement cost effective water management measures in accordance with best practice and local legislation.

How can we help?

Surface water poses a critical environmental constraint for new developments and may often pose an ongoing risk to existing operations. Flood risk assessment, operational water management, storm water drainage design, and pollution control measures are all fundamental considerations for ensuring the sustainability of a project in environmental impact assessment or planning through operations and closure.

A robust understanding of the hydrology and storm water environment should inform the design of infrastructure and any operational practices in order to reduce the risks water presents to a project, whilst minimising the impacts of a project on the environmental flow and water quality conditions of an area.

Our experts gladly assist in baseline hydrological studies, conceptual storm water management plans, design of storm water management infrastructure, sustainable urban drainage systems, watercourse diversions, and pollution control dams amongst others.

Our team can also assist with hydraulic modelling of flood lines and dam break analysis, and offer excellent project services from pre-feasibility to the full scope of project management services. Other services include water quality analysis, surface water quality and flow monitoring plans, Tailings Dam flood routing, modelling of discharges from water bodies, storm-water attenuation, and spillway sizing.

Our team includes

  • Ian Mitchell Technical Director
    Ian Mitchell

    Ian is a Hydrogeology Specialist with over 35 years of experience in environmental and geological investigations, including 27 years as a contaminant hydrogeologist. He has expertise in analysis and modelling of groundwater flow and multi-phase contaminant transport in saturated and unsaturated systems, geochemistry, groundwater supply, and fractured bedrock. He has worked throughout Canada including permafrost environments, in Europe, Australia and the US. He is a Professional Geoscientist in BC and AB, a Contaminated Sites Approved Professional in BC and a member of the Yukon Government Hydrogeology Assessment External Review Roster. He is the Technical Director for hydrogeology and hydrology services at SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.


  • Gordon Robb Technical Discipline Manager
    Gordon Robb

    Gordon is a Fellow of CIWEM and has worked as a consultant for more than 25 years. His particular areas of expertise include preparing water chapters for Environmental Impact Assessments and Appraisals for mines and quarries, electrical transmission infrastructure and renewable energy projects (onshore and offshore wind, solar, hydropower, gas peaking and battery storage), and solid waste management infrastructure (including landfills and energy from waste facilities). He also has much peat hydrology, flood risk and sustainable drainage, and water resources experience and provides expert witness testimony on these matters.

  • Fiona Stark Principal and Technical Discipline Manager – Hydrology and Hydrogeology (Asia Pacific)
    Fiona Stark

    Fiona is an environmental engineer and chartered civil engineer, specialising in surface water modelling, investigation, planning and design. Fiona has undertaken water balance and management studies, hydrologic and hydraulic analyses for a range of mining, industrial, road design, local government and approvals projects. Fiona is particularly experienced in mine water management and stochastic water balance modelling including use of GoldSim software.

  • Fred Sutherland Operations Manager
    Fred Sutherland

    Fred is the Operations Manager of the SLR Africa Engineering service line, with over 30 years of experience within the consulting industry, predominantly in the mining sector. Fred has specialised in hydrology, hydraulics and all water related infrastructure development. Fred is a specialist in the development of simulation models for the analysis of various operational scenarios to evaluate management proposals related to water management, water balances, water provision, water quality, water treatment and the security of water access in dry climates. Fred is a Civil Engineer with his Professional Engineer certificate and has been operating in this field all of his professional career.