Contaminated sites is our speciality. While focusing on the business needs of our clients, we identify contamination and manage it to protect human health and the environment.

With contaminated site specialists in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa, we know how to satisfy regulators and offer practical advice, expertise and experience to solve a range of issues. SLR’s clients include lenders, legal advisors, government agencies, and industrial and commercial operations. 

How can we help?

Our professionals work together to solve contaminated site issues.

We provide:

  • Due diligence, high level or preliminary assessment to identify or refute potential contamination risks (e.g. Phase I and II Site Assessments)
  • Site investigation for all contaminant types (oils/fuels, chemicals, metals, VOCs etc.) and media (vapours, soil, sediment, surface water, groundwater).
  • Risk Assessments - screening level through detailed human health and ecological risk assessments as well as toxicity studies and remediation target derivation
  • Remediation Services – design and implementation of remedial plans, negotiating clean up standards, risk mitigation, material/waste management, and decommissioning and site closure

To provide comprehensive land quality services our team includes experts in all applicable fields, with expertise in virtually all sectors. SLR’s team includes:

  • Regulatory specialists with detailed knowledge of government regulations both locally and across international markets.
  • Contaminant hydrogeologists, geologists, risk assessors, toxicologists, engineers, biologists and scientists specialising in management of land quality issues.
  • Professionals with direct experience of contamination issues and solutions in wide ranging sectors and industries such as real estate development, oil and gas, chemicals, energy, and government.

Our team includes

  • Scott Miller Senior Principal
    Scott Miller

    Scott Miller has over 26 years of professional consulting experience. Scott has considerable experience with all aspects of environmental assessment, planning, permitting, remediation, site regulatory closure, management, and costing.  He brings experience with large, complex environmental cleanup projects involving multi-party agreements, multi-agency involvement, and tribal and landowner issues.

  • Kevin King Senior Principal
    Kevin King

    Kevin King has over 30 years of professional environmental consulting experience. He is responsible for supervising technical teams delivering strategic project support responsive to our client’s business needs. Kevin has extensive experience with site characterisation, remediation, environmental assessment, planning, permitting, regulatory closure, post-remediation site management, and cost evaluations. Kevin’s due diligence experience ranges from one-off industrial sites being considered for redevelopment to global portfolios of manufacturing sites in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Asia/Pacific region. Much of his global due diligence experience relates to his leadership of a global account for a major US-based aerospace manufacturer on two major acquisitions totalling over $30B. His account role also included expanding and delivering EHS compliance and remediation services consistent with corporate EHS policy and programmes globally.

    Kevin has been a Connecticut Licenced Environmental Professional (LEP) since the inception of the privatised programme in 1997. While the LEP programme was designed to require minimal DEEP involvement, Kevin regularly interacts with DEEP case managers regarding innovative compliance solutions. Such approaches frequently not self-implementing under the CT Remediation Standard Regulations (RSRs) therefore requiring DEEP approvals. These solutions can include waivers, variances, site-specific remedial criteria, and unique environmental land use restrictions (ELURs). He has directed many complex remedial programmes including soil stabilisation, in-situ injection, DNAPL recovery and risk-based natural attenuation strategies.

    Kevin’s experience with large, complex environmental remediation projects commonly integrates business risk/legal strategies involving multi-party agreements, multi-agency involvement, and tenant and landowner issues. Many of these projects are conducted in support of legal counsel structuring broader business risk management strategies.

  • Mohammad Bazargani Manging Principal
    Mohammad Bazargani

    Mohammad is a chemical engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the environmental field. He has extensive experience with environmental compliance, process engineering and design, development of lifecycle costs, and assessment of liability and financial risk analysis associated with site characterization and remediation projects. Mohammad has worked with a number of landfills, serving as the project manager for a number of landfills in the California area.

  • Stan Flagel Principal Scientist
    Stan Flagel

    Stan Flagel has over 23 years of experience as a field geologist, hydrogeologist, and project manager. He has planned and overseen investigations at a range of sites including airports, mineral prospects and mines, active oil fields, refineries, wood treating facilities, railroad yards, military installations, and industrial properties in Alaska, California, Colorado, Kansas, and Wyoming. He has led numerous site characterisations requiring innovative strategies for acquiring soil, surface water, and groundwater data. Stan has experience analysing large complex dataset in support of site characterisation, risk assessment, remediation, property transfer, and regulatory closure. He is strong technical writer and has prepared and edited RCRA and CERCLA investigation work plans and investigation reports, technical memorandums, and CERCLA Purposed Plans and Records of Decision. Stan has more than 14 years of experience working in Alaska and has good working relationships with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) and Region 10 EPA. In addition, Stan has represented clients in meeting with State and Federal regulators, and in public forums. He has also provided clients with litigation support as a fact witness, testifying at both depositions and in court.